Sunday, 27 January 2013


I've moved. Both in real life, and moved the blog to a new address too, as part of an accounts clean-up process. I just couldn't keep up which website is linked with which, some logged me in or connected with other sites/apps automatically, others not, and I just couldn't follow. So here's the new address: Same content, same writer, bit bare as of now since formatting the layout and adding the links to other pages is a tedious job...

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Back to knitting

I haven't done much knitting during November since writing took up most of my free time, but now that the Nanowrimo challenge is over I went back to it. I've started a lace shawl (again) with the twig pattern (again) from the book Knitted lace of Estonia using a 4ply yarn by Posh Yarns (again - good recipes don't need changing :) ) in early November and I've finished it in a week . It's already  blocked and only needs the ends sewn in.
Then I've cast on for a green sock for my brother I've had in mind for years now, but somehow didn't felt like doing it. So started a hat for myself, since now my hair is so long that if i put it up, which i usually do when going outside, the bun is so big a normal size hat is just too small. I have a beret I've made some time ago but don't really like the dark purple colour so don't wear it really, but that one is perfect in size. So now i'm trying to make one like that in size and shape, but with a lovely merino-silk Posh Yarn (surprise, surprise...)
Actually I've spent the most of yesterday afternoon trying to write up a really really nice pattern with celtic style cables then this morning gave it all up so now I'm doing a basic 6-stitch cable pattern. I need a hat.

Friday, 30 November 2012

Done it

Finished. Wrote over 50 thousand words in a month. Validated it. It is official now: I did a challenge and very unlike me, I finished. Now I have a short, very very patchy and in a state of dire need of editing, but totally existing and developable novel. Whoa!!!
And, totally coincidentally, right now the song is playing I've chosen for title: December Flower, from the band In Flames. (Because I needed a title at registration... but the album was one of my main inspirations.)
So, as the little badge on the right hand corner says, 50136 words, as the NaNo validator counts. I deleted some date and time stamps and of course every text editor is different, but my official word count was 50466. I'll take the lower number though, still good enough :) Actually, got a bit cloudy eyed at the end, but what the heck, I finally did something quite impressive! Even if it's full with grammar mistakes, typos, word repetitions, and probably will be painful to read again all the blabbering I wrote when the only thing I was concentrating on was getting to the daily word count.
 That display might look quite checkered, but I was actually quite surprised how many times I could make myself sit down at around 8pm and write for two hours (after the full 8 hours work day).
Will be good to be back to regular schedule tho :)

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Finish line

48209 words. Also, should be sleeping for an hour now.

Also another things are going on as well so had a pretty rough and nervous week. I will be happy to see November go :)

Monday, 26 November 2012


I've hit 42K today. In words written. Actually, I did a bit of overtime and now I'm on 42997 words. At this rate, I will actually finish on time. wow. Feels good even if I know that I'll have to throw out a lot of the words later during editing and even some of the scenes as well, probably, but it doesn't feel a waste. I take it as "exploring the characters back-story and motivations" :)

7003 words to go.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Nothing to write here, move along

Really, there's nothing to wrote about I haven't written about in the last couple of days. Well maybe the only thing is that my cousin wants to build a doll's house for her goddaughter for christmas and now she's constantly thinking about wood, miniaturized lighting and measurements. At least it made the day pass a bit quicker as she came up with something different every time we bumped each other during work.